Freedom From Codependency

Freedom from codependency

In this digital course, you will follow 4 people who are struggling with codependency in relationships as they are coached in a group setting over four weeks.

Dr. Amy Johnson and Del Adey-Jones support the group as they come to see themselves and their thoughts, feelings, and habits in a radically new way. Amy and Del debrief each group coaching session (without the participants present), pulling out key themes and things to take note of from each session.

If you are struggling with people-pleasing or approval seeking, putting everyone’s needs before your own, or you consistently find yourself in abusive or dysfunctional relationships, this digital course is for you. Watching other people being coached through similar experiences is an incredible way to see your own life in a new way.

You get over 10 hours of content in this course.

Freedom From Codependency

In Freedom From Codependency,
You’ll See More About:

How and why codependent habits begin, how they are maintained through a series of innocent misunderstandings, and what allows for them to fall away.

Specific issues that often come up in codependent relationships such as identifying as an empath, putting others’ feelings before your own, taking responsibility for how others feel, people-pleasing and approval-seeking, fears of being left or abandoned, and many more.

How all codependent tendencies are impersonal, learned behaviors that can be seen as simple conditioning. When we see these tendencies clearly, we see that they don’t protect or serve us the way they may appear to.

How emotional discomfort and difficult relationship patterns are actually helpful pointers back toward your innate peace of mind.

The simple misunderstandings that underlie codependency habits and the truth beyond those misunderstandings.

And much, much more

Freedom From Codependency
Is Perfect for You If:

You’re struggling with codependent thoughts, feelings, and habits, and you’d love to see things in a new way.

You’re ready to be a fly-on-the-wall while others share, knowing that you can learn so much from their experience.

You’ve tried several things to improve your relationships and habits and nothing has helped.

You are, or would like to be, a coach who supports others through issues like codependency and you want to see more about how Dr. Amy and Del work with people from the no-willpower approach.

What’s Inside
Freedom From Codependency:

Video 1 - IntroductionVideo 1 – Introduction
Dr. Amy and Del share information about how the four participants were chosen, their philosophy around helping people find freedom from codependency, and their expectations for the four weeks with the group. Amy and Del will leave you with some things to notice and listen for as you watch the coaching sessions unfold.

Video 2 - Session #1Video 2 – Session #1
In our first session, the women introduce themselves and share their experiences with codependency, and Del and Amy share their experiences as well. Several common themes come up such as identifying as an empath and feeling like they can’t be okay unless the people around them are okay. Dr. Amy and Del talk about how these patterns formed as perceived protection, and how freedom comes with seeing them as impersonal, conditioned patterns.

Video 3 – Session #1 DiscussionVideo 3 – Session #1 Discussion
Amy and Del share their observations and comments on the first group session.

Video 4 – Session #2Video 4 – Session #2
In our second session, the women shared their own definitions of codependency and specifically how they show up in their lives. We discussed the fact that we don’t feel others’ feelings; everything and everyone is a projection. We also explore what our moment-to-moment feelings are showing us.

Video 5 – Session #2 DiscussionVideo 5 – Session #2 Discussion
Amy and Del share their observations and comments on the second group session.

Video 6 – Session #3Video 6 – Session #3
By our third session, all of the women are feeling much more distance from the habitual thoughts, feelings, and tendencies that arise. They report the ability to “step back from the stories.” We discuss the fact that codependency is only as deep as our surface-level psychological reactions. We explored the feeling of being not good enough. The women are beginning to see those not-good-enough stories as nothing but untrue, impersonal, habitual thought.

Video 7 – Session #3 DiscussionVideo 7 – Session #3 Discussion 
Amy and Del share their observations and comments on the third group session.

Video 8 – Session #4Video 8 – Session #4
All of the participants say they are experiencing subtle shifts in their codependent habits. They are feeling more grounded even as difficult, emotional circumstances continue to happen. Del and Dr. Amy talk about separate realities and seeing that no one needs us, as they have their own perfect guidance.

Video 9 – Session #4 DiscussionVideo 9 – Session #4 Discussion
Amy and Del share their observations and comments on the fourth group session.

Video 10 – Four-Week Follow-upVideo 10 – Four-Week Follow-up
Four weeks after our last group coaching session, we met again for a 90-minute follow-up. The participants give updates on how the past month has gone for them since the course ended.

Video 11 – Follow-up DiscussionVideo 11 – Follow-up Discussion
Amy and Del share their observations and comments on the four-week follow-up session, as well as some closing remarks and how you can get more support.

Ellen Sunde

“I used to blame my husband for feeling sad. For example, if he came home from work in a bad mood, then that mood would often transfer into me.

After finding Amy’s work, I realized that no one could make me feel something. Only my thinking could do that.”

– Ellen Sunde

Dr Amy Johnson

About Amy

Amy Johnson, PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower.

She is author of Being Human (2013), The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016), and Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with your Mind (2021). In 2017 she opened The Little School of Big Change, an online school that has helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety and habits and live a more peaceful life.

Johnson has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.

Del Adey-Jones

About Del

Del Adey-Jones is a Principles Practitioner, Youtuber and Blogger, and founder of The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse. She is also the host of, ‘Insightful Conversations,’ and the co- author of the Amazon best-seller, Complete Self-Care…25 Tools for Goddesses.

Thanks to her unconventional childhood growing up in the UK, and her personal challenges including a divorce and raising children as a single parent, her work is informed both by the empathy gained from real-life experience and her deeper studies of Spirituality and Psychology.

Using her down to earth, relatable approach to coaching and her commitment to creating a safe space to explore the Inside Out Understanding, she continues to serve a wide range of clients worldwide.

See more about Del at:


Will this course be helpful even if my codependent habits show up differently for me than they do for the people who are coached in the course?

Yes, absolutely. The coaching that happens in this course goes far beyond the specific ways these habits manifest. It points to what is behind all human experience, so it will be relevant no matter how your codependency looks.

How long will I have access to these recordings? Will I get to keep these recordings so I can revisit them?

If you’ve purchased this course, you’ll have access to these recordings for as long as you want. You can login to the site at any time and find them on the menu.

If you join Student Access +, you’ll have access to these recordings for as long as you are a member.

If I need more support with codependency after going through this course, what should I do next?

I highly recommend going through The Little School of Big Change. It’s an amazing course that has helped thousands of people find freedom from a wide variety of habits and relationship issues. The Little School of Big Change will help you see how and why codependency begins as a protective strategy and how unnecessary it is today.

If you’d like private coaching for more support, Del works with clients one on one. People get so much from working privately with her. You can see more here: