Freedom From Health Anxiety



In this digital course, you’ll follow three people who struggle with health anxiety as they are coached in a group setting over four weeks.

Dr. Amy Johnson supports the group as they come to see themselves and their worry about health issues in a radically new way.

Amy will also debrief each group coaching session (without the participants present), pulling out key themes and things to take note of from each session.

If you are struggling with worry or anxiety around health or other issues, watching other people being coached through their experience is an incredible way to see more of yourself. I know you’ll come to see your own thoughts and feelings very differently as you follow the journey of these three amazing people.

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In Freedom From Health Anxiety,
You’ll See More About:

What all people, all thoughts, and all feelings have in common. You’ll see more about why and how health anxiety begins, why it feels so true, and what it’s really showing us.

How health anxiety has nothing at all to do with health and what it’s truly about.

How habitual feelings of anxiety are completely safe and how they can be a helpful pointer back toward your innate peace of mind.

Specific issues that often come up around health anxiety such as scanning for physical symptoms, seeking reassurance, guilt, superstitious rituals, and compulsions, etc.

The simple misunderstandings that underlie all anxiety,
and the truth beyond those misunderstandings.

And much, much more

Freedom From Health Anxiety
Is Perfect for You If:

You’re struggling with health anxiety or worry and anxiety around any issue and you’d love to see things in a new way.

You’re ready to take a break from talking about how this issue shows up for you. You’re ready to be a fly-on-the-wall while others share, knowing that you can learn so much from their experience.

You’ve tried several things to shift your own anxiety and nothing has helped.

You are, or would like to be, a coach who supports others through anxiety in any form and you want to see more about how Dr. Amy works with people from the no-willpower approach.

What’s Inside
Freedom From Health Anxiety:

Video 1 - IntroductionVideo 1 – Introduction
Dr. Amy shares information about how the three participants were chosen, her philosophy around helping people find freedom from worry and health anxiety, and her expectations for the four weeks with the group. Amy will leave you with some things to notice and listen for as you watch the coaching sessions unfold.

Video 2 - Session #1Video 2 – Session #1
In our first session, the participants introduced themselves and shared their experience with health anxiety. They saw themselves in each other in terms of their worries and concerns, and also the things they’ve done to manage their worries and concerns. We began to explore how our brain scans for problems and crafts stories and strategies to try to keep us safe, but how those are nothing but habitual, unnecessary stories.

Video 3 - Session #1 DiscussionVideo 3 – Session #1 Discussion
Amy shares her observations and comments on the first group session.

Video 4 – Session #2Video 4 – Session #2
In our second group call, we looked more deeply at how all minds look for problems to solve and how that is all that’s happening in the case of health anxiety. The participants explored more fully that they aren’t creating their own experience and so they aren’t responsible for changing it. We looked at just how much time, energy, and stress is freed up when we aren’t trying to manage our thoughts and feelings.

Video 5 – Session #2 DiscussionVideo 5 – Session #2 Discussion
Amy shares her observations and comments on the second group session.

Video 6 – Session #3Video 6 – Session #3
By our third session, all participants are beginning to see–more deeply than ever–that thought is only thought. Stories about what might go wrong are nothing but stories that have no necessary connection to reality. We also explore superstitions they’ve bought into in the past that have seemingly kept them safe. The participants are really beginning to see how their concerns have nothing to do with health.

Video 7 – Session #3 DiscussionVideo 7 – Session #3 Discussion 
Amy shares her observations and comments on the third group session.

Video 8 - Session #4Video 8 – Session #4
In our fourth session, one participant joins from the hospital after a recent health incident to share the insights she gained after her biggest fear became a reality. This is an incredibly moving, powerful session that clearly shows the other participants that they aren’t afraid of a health problem–they are afraid of the scary but absolutely fictional stories their mind tells.

Video 9 – Session #4 DiscussionVideo 9 – Session #4 Discussion
Amy shares her observations and comments on the fourth group session.

Video 10 - Three-Week Follow-upVideo 10 – Three-Week Follow-up
Three weeks after our last group coaching session, we meet again for a follow-up. The participants give updates on how the past month has gone for them since the course ended.

Video 11 - Follow-up DiscussionVideo 11 – Follow-up Discussion
Amy shares her observations and comments on the three-week follow-up session, as well as some closing remarks and how you can get more support.


“I was extremely anxious about everything in life; in particular around my physical health (post-cancer treatment); my job and my ‘lack’ of physical and mental abilities to perform it; constant ruminating over a person who abandoned me during cancer treatment…

After coming across Amy, I was able to step back and see that ALL of my issues were solely due to my thoughts and how my brain had created the chaos simply as a way to protect me. I had glimpses of my inner wisdom while going through cancer treatment. The Little School of Big Change and Amy were able to help me see what that was and that it was/is ALWAYS within me. What a relief!”

– Rebecca


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Dr Amy Johnson

About Amy

Amy Johnson, PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower.

She is author of Being Human (2013), The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016), and Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with your Mind (2021). In 2017 she opened The Little School of Big Change, an online school that has helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety and habits and live a more peaceful life.

Johnson has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.


Will this course be helpful even if my health anxiety shows up differently for me than it does for the people who are coached in the course?

Yes, absolutely. The coaching that happens in this course goes far beyond specific health worries or the specific way anxiety manifests. It points to what is behind all human experience, so it will be relevant no matter how your anxiety looks.

How long will I have access to these recordings? Will I get to keep these recordings so that I can revisit them?

If you’ve purchased this course, you’ll have access to these recordings for as long as you want. You can login to the site at any time and find them on the menu.

If you join Student Access +, you’ll have access to these recordings for as long as you are a member.

If I need more support with health anxiety after going through this course, what should I do next?

I highly recommend going through The Little School of Big Change. It’s an amazing course that has helped thousands of people find freedom from anxiety in all forms, as well as a variety of other habits and conditions.