Freedom from Binge Eating

In the 8 years I struggled with binge eating, I tried every behavioral strategy, tool, plan, and technique around. I was in multiple forms of therapy, used energy work, and read every self-help book on the market. Some of those were helpful in the short-term, but nothing got to the core of the issue…until I found the understanding I share today. In a matter of weeks, I deeply knew I wouldn’t struggle with binge eating forever. In a matter of months, I was completely binge-free.

The resources below are an excellent start toward finding freedom from binge eating and bulimia. I highly recommend joining me in the next The Little School of Big Change course for guided support in becoming habit-free.

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Tammy’s Change Story: The 40-Year Eating Habit that Never Was



Ask Amy: I still feel so hopeless around my binge eating. Help!

Cindy says her mind is so consumed with binge eating that she just can’t focus on other things. She is sick and tired physically and emotionally, and is feeling hopeless.



Big Change this Year is About Seeing More, Not Doing More

Thirteen years ago, I rang in 2006 with a group of friends in Chicago. We had tickets to an event that included a four course meal followed by a night of drinking and club-hopping…


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