Think Less, Accomplish More


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This course is now exclusively available with a Student Access Plus. Membership in Student Access Plus includes a library of digital courses, monthly coaching calls, exclusive content, and discounts on other digital products, live courses, and events.

Think Less, Accomplish More are two pre-recorded, 3-hour workshops that was led by Dr. Sarah Lee and Dr. Amy Johnson. One workshop focused on undergraduate students and the other focused on graduate students and academic professionals.

Regardless of which category you fall into, by watching Dr. Sarah Lee and Dr. Amy Johnson coach the original participants you will learn to tap into even more creativity, flow, and success –with a lot more enjoyment and ease– by seeing the true source of creativity and productivity.

Membership is only $24 per month and you can cancel any time. Or, save 30% when you purchase an annual membership for only $199 per year.

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Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Academic Professionals