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Why you don’t love yourself more. And how to.

Improving self-love and decreasing the desire for approval are part of my life every single day. I’m either helping other people through it, or I’m working on my own issues with it. Constantly. We love ourselves just fine at first. Then something happens. I remember this vividly from my own childhood. I’d have an idea

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Is there one general piece of advice?

In the movie How do you know? Reese Witherspoon asks her therapist: “Is there one general piece of advice that can help almost anyone in almost any situation?” Good question. What’s your answer? You may not be a psychologist or a life coach and you may not help people find their way in any formal

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You don’t hate yourself

I have this client I love. I love all my clients, actually…that’s what happens when people get really honest and authentic and start working on their stuff. It’s really hard to not love them when they’re stepping into that. And when I’m paid to see them as Who They Really Are.  But I digress. Anyway,

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