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What to do When you Don’t Know What you Want

For all the talk about getting clear on what you want, having a vision, keeping your eye on the prize……I want to tell you that it’s also okay to have no flippin’ clue what’s next. It’s okay to not know exactly what you want.It’s okay to have no vision. Or for your vision to simply

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4 Tips to Feel Less Stressed About the Uncertain Future

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.” ~Tony Robbins“Uncertainty” may be one of the least popular places to hang out. I hear this all the time from my clients, friends, and truth be told, from the voice inside my own head. Certainty is

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Do you Manufacture Worry?

It takes courage to be happy.It’s very human to be afraid of the uncertainty of life. Afraid all the good stuff you have is going to end and you won’t be able to cope.Brene Brown talks about the panic that sets in while she’s staring lovingly at her sleeping children. From “aren’t they precious” to

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