In this digital course, you will be introduced to some common misunderstandings and effortless ways to bring out the best in your child without losing your cool.

Jessica Silverman, along with different experts, parents, and grandparents, will share new ways of seeing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how this can radically change how you respond to your child.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, worry, or stress and find yourself feeling impatient and yelling at your child more than you’d like, the information shared in this course can help you see things in a fresh way and positively impact your parenting journey.

You get over 4 hours of content in this course and the videos can be viewed at a pace that is comfortable for you. There will be opportunities to get additional support from the instructor, Jessica Silverman.

In Uncovering Patience,
you’ll see more about:

The reason behind unwanted behaviors and how to turn things around.

A fresh perspective on why you find yourself being impatient and how this can change without effort.

One of the most effective things you can do as a parent.

Ways to bring out the best in your child without losing your cool.

And much, much more

Uncovering Patience
is Perfect For You If:

You are feeling overwhelmed and find yourself yelling at your child more than you’d like.

You’re feeling disheartened by your child’s behaviors and nothing you are doing is working.

You’re worried about your child’s future and and feel lost on how to help.

You doubt your ability to parent your child effectively and want to feel more confident.

You are ready for change.

What’s Inside
Uncovering Patience:

Video 1: Welcome and Introduction
Jessica introduces the program and herself.

Video 2: How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Jessica shares ways to get the most out of the course content.

Video 3 – Lesson #1 Hope
A story of hope is shared and you’ll discover what’s possible.

Video 4 – Lesson #2 Unwanted Behaviors
The reason behind unwanted behaviors is revealed.

Video 5 – Lesson #3 Feelings
Discover why you feel the way that you do and why this is helpful to know.

Video 6 – Lesson #4 Resilience
Learn how similar your child is to nature and why this is a good reminder.

Video 7 – Lesson #5 Listening
Learn why listening is so valuable and what you may be doing now that is getting in the way.

Video 8 – Lesson #6 Bringing Out the Best in Your Child
Discover what is beyond what you see and how this can be a game changer.

Video 9 – Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Amy Johnson
This conversation with Dr. Amy Johnson will help you see anxiety and depression differently.

Video 10 – A Fresh Approach to Addressing Unwanted Behaviors with Jenny Roberts
This conversation with Jenny Roberts will show you that dealing with challenging behaviors doesn’t have to be so hard.

Video 11 – Kjersti’s Story
Kjersti shares her change of heart story.

Video 12: Anne’s Story
Anne shares her change of heart story.

Video 13: Dana’s Story
Dana shares her change of heart story.

“I know Jessica as a calm, kind, and present human being and coach. In this wonderful course, she presents a natural and relaxed approach to parenting pointing to our own innate common sense and guidance.

What if we really have everything we need inside of us to parent our kids? And what if our kids are more resilient than we think with their own built-in common sense to guide them? This course is a treasure chest for anyone having to interact with kids of any age and I warmly recommend it.”

– Kjersti Ane Østvik

About Jessica

Jessica Silverman is a certified Change Coach, parenting coach, a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and an early intervention speech language pathologist. She takes great pleasure in serving the needs of others, helping them make the changes they desire, and pointing them to their innate wisdom, peace, and resilience.

Jessica’s desire to become a coach came out of her own challenges as a human and a parent and the struggles that she often witnesses in individuals and families. Her personal life journey continues to teach her so much as she makes mis-takes and deepens her grounding in how all humans work and how deep and lasting change really happens.

Jessica is a moderator in Dr. Amy Johnson’s Little School of Big Change, where she supports and coaches the incredible members of the community. She also founded Parenting with Clarity, a heart-centered business designed to help parents experience greater ease and positive lasting changes in their families.


Will this course be helpful for me even if I have always been impatient?

Yes, absolutely! Change is possible for everyone.

How long will I have access to the videos? Will I get to keep these videos so that I can revisit them?

You will have access to the videos for as long as you want. You can log into the site at any time and find them on the menu.

If I need more support after going through this course, what should I do next?

There is a Facebook group for you to post questions and get support but if you would like additional help, Jessica works with clients one on one. People get so much from working privately with her. You can email her at