Freedom From Over-ing: Over- drinking, -eating, -working, etc.

Are you caught up in a cycle of over-ing…over-drinking, over-internet surfing, -working, -spending, etc…even though you know better? Do you feel stuck, even though you see the harm these behaviors are causing?

All over-ing is our best attempt to feel better in the moment. No matter what type of over-ing you’re doing, freedom is closer than it seems.

This webinar will share a brand new paradigm for lasting freedom from all types of over-ing.

In this LIVE 60-minute webinar you’ll learn:

✔ The #1 thing you can realize that will help you feel more comfortable in the midst of any urge, craving, or uncomfortable feeling
✔ How these habits are actually a sign of your wisdom and health (yes, really!)
✔ Why willpower rarely leads to lasting freedom…and what does
✔ How relying on strategies and behavioral plans often makes change less (not more!) likely
✔ The insights that I have seen lead many, many people to total, lasting freedom from all types of over-ing.

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The Little School of Big Change is a guided, 6-week program designed to help you overcome anxiety and unwanted habits without needing to rely on willpower or self-discipline.

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You already have the power to end your habits and live the life you want. In The Little Book of Big Change, I help you see yourself and your habits in a way that leads to deep, lasting freedom.

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