“When you desire freedom, then you have to be willing to face what you have been running from in your search for it.”

― Gangaji

Which feels more like ‘home’ to you–thought constructs, plans, stories about yourself and about time…

Or felt sensations, energy, emotion and physicality?

The energy of life seems to want to move downward. It wants to hang out in the body, in sensations and senses and feelings.

Yet habitually, in an almost addictive way, it instead moves upward into concepts and imaginary non-happenings, in what we call thought.

When you feel your way through life, rather than think your way through life, you’re more fully immersed in the intimate, immediate reality of what is.

From this felt-sense, it looks far less like anything needs to change. Life is slower, more still and silent no matter what appears to be happening in the mind or in the world.

I literally can’t imagine any greater liberation than looking straight at – and leaning straight into– life exactly as it is.

Diving deep into Welcoming What’s Arising

In January I led a 3-part, 4.5 hour workshop called Welcoming What Arises.

With a live group, we explored the innocent reasons we come to abandon the body and emotions and focus on thoughts.

I coached participants to welcome sensation and spoke to questions like:

  • “If I know the thought I’m experiencing is untrue, why would I welcome the feelings surrounding it?”
  • “What if it doesn’t feel safe to lean into emotion or physical sensations?”
  • “Don’t some things actually need to be changed, not welcomed?”
  • (And the most common question) “How do I lean in and feel?”

Get the Workshop Recordings

Because this workshop had such a big impact for many of the participants, I’m making those recordings available to everyone.

You can now purchase the recordings of the live workshop for just $49.

I hope you’ll check out this important content. Saying yes to life as it is, is true freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

I watched the free Welcoming What Arises 3-part class from 2023. How is this different?

This workshop went much deeper into the ideas we only began to explore in the free 3-part class.

What is included in my purchase?

You will receive lifetime access to three 90-minute recordings, which covers the entirety of the workshop I hosted in January 2024.

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