Excessive Worry

Minds worry at times. It’s what they do.

When you see how all minds think on repeat about things that aren’t actually happening (i.e., worry), you begin to see how irrelevant it is. You begin to see how little attention or respect from you it actually requires. Seeing worry in this way strips it of its perceived power and frees you from it.

The resources below will help you see worry in a brand new way. I highly recommend joining me in the next The Little School of Big Change course for more in-depth insights about how all minds work.

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In this episode, we look at what happens when we plan + panic = planick. But mostly, we look at how incredibly, unbelievably resilient humans are.



Ask Amy: How do I know when I’m just worrying versus when a real decision needs to be made?

Lorin is imagining a lot of scary things happening.

They seem likely. How will she know if and when it’s time to do something to protect herself?



You and Your Mind in a Pandemic

When your mind gets wind of the uncertainty inherent in life—how fragile and temporary and not-at-all guaranteed it all is—it can get a little restless.


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