Horton McCormick - Change Coach Profile


Location: Baltimore, MD USA



My journey started years ago when I was cured of chronic debilitating back pain after reading Dr. John Sarno’s work on the mind-body connection. I then stumbled upon Allen Carr’s work on addiction which freed me from my dependency on alcohol. A dependency I shockingly didn’t realize I had!

The information was so understandable and life-changing that I continued my journey by becoming an Allen Carr EasyWay Alcohol Facilitator. I have now personally cured hundreds of people from alcohol addiction. Being curious about why and how these methods worked and related to the human mind on a deeper level led me here to Dr. Amy Johnson and to become a Change Coach. Hear my conversation with Amy on Amy’s Changeable Podcast EP #201.

I work with anyone seeking understanding and change. During our sessions, we engage in conversation that leads to discovering the peace of mind and health that exists innately inside you. We discuss how thinking around addictions, habits, obsessive thoughts, depressive emotions, etc., are created and maintained so you no longer have to live under their control. This understanding leads to lasting change that leads to a more enjoyable life. Just as it did to my life!

You don’t have to be misunderstood or live in isolation. You have someone you can talk to that understands and is ready to listen. Let’s have a nonjudgmental conversation about what’s on your mind.

Common conversations are around but not limited to addiction, obsessive thoughts, worry, insomnia, nervousness, depression, and ADHD.
Beyond these issues, the conversation moves on to increasing mental clarity, enhancing creativity and performance, and reducing resistance and procrastination.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation. This consultation is a simple conversation where you share what’s on your mind, and we look to see if there is a fit between you and me. I’m looking forward to our chat.

Stay Curious!

Horton “

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression/Moods, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Relationships, Work/Career, Sexual Trauma, Alcohol and other addictions