Horton McCormick - Change Coach Profile

Website: https://www.easilychanged.com/

Location: Baltimore, MD USA


Is this you – “I don’t want to” but… “I have to”?
I am a Change Coach and an Allen Carr Stop Drinking Alcohol Facilitator. I help people control their unwanted habits and addictions by providing a fundamental understanding of why they do them. Once you understand why you do the behavior, stopping without willpower is easy.
My work centers around the mental tug-of-war of “I don’t want to” but… “I have to”. If you are caught in this tug-of-war trap, I can help.
The foundation of my coaching is to help you see your innate health.  What if you are completely normal and healthy, and your unwanted habit or addiction has created an illusionary thought entity in your mind, your “Monster,” that now speaks on your behalf?  In this tug-of-war, the “I don’t want to” represents the real rational you, and the but…”I have to” represents the voice of your irrational habit or addiction Monster. What if the voice of your Monster is an illusion and easy to control?  It’s an Intriguing concept, isn’t it?
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You can hear my conversation with Amy on Amy’s Changeable Podcast EP #201.
Stay Curious!

Type of Coaching: Anxiety, Eating/Food Issues, Habits, Addiction, Depression/Moods