EP201: How understanding why we do our habit can lead to instant freedom with Horton McCormick

Horton is a Change Coach and Allen Carr practitioner who works primarily with people who want to stop drinking.

In this conversation, he shares two major shifts in his own life that led him to the work he does. The first was experiencing sudden and lasting relief from chronic back pain after reading one of Dr. Sarno’s books.

The second was casually reading an Allan Carr book and experiencing an immediate disinterest in alcohol.  

Horton’s change experiences led him on a quest to see more about what must be true of humans for deep, lasting change to happen this way, with none of the willpower or “working on it” we’ve been told are necessary.

That curiosity, and his search for a bigger understanding, is what brought him to my work. 

This episode is so good! Horton shares how understanding why we drink (or do any habit) is a key insight. We tend to focus on all the problems with drinking and trying to figure out how to stop, but seeing why its happening is really where it’s at.

As a Change Coach, Horton comes from a deep understanding of our true nature plus his own personal experience. You can reach out to Horton at horton@easilychanged.com

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