Relationships and Codependency

Our thinking creates our entire experience of life—including our experience of our relationships. We don’t feel the other person, we feel our thinking about them. If you find yourself in habitual relationship patterns, seeing how your experience works and from where it originates (hint: it’s not originating from your partner!) can change everything.

The resources below will begin to paint a very different picture of relationships and codependency. I highly recommend joining me in the next The Little School of Big Change course for more in-depth, guided support.

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How Your Parent Can Completely Change (Even When They Don’t Change At All) with Phil Goddard



Freedom from Codependency with Del Adey-Jones



Ask Amy: My husband had an online affair and I can’t stop thinking about it!

Melanie has been happily married for 40 years.

They had a rough 6 months and her husband had an online affair that she says left her a bit traumatized.

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