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“Just a Thought helps you see why you suffer, and it shows you how to wake up to your innate well-being.”

Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra
World-renowned integrative medicine pioneer and best selling author

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My latest book, Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with your Mind, takes the insights in my bestselling The Little Book of Big Change even deeper.

When we think our thoughts define who we are, we suffer. But when we see the truth—and we glimpse the space that lies beyond those self-created stories—we suffer far less. Just a Thought will help you glimpse that truth, and use it to find lasting peace.

The Just a Thought Companion Course is the most effective and fun way to get the most from this paradigm-shifting book.

How it Works:

You’ll get a supplemental video for each chapter – 33 videos total. These videos go deeper into what was shared in that chapter, complete with backstory, my inspiration for each chapter, and other examples and illustrations that help the content come to life.

You’ll also get six 90-minute recordings of discussion calls I led with a group of people as they read the book. In these calls, we explore the book contents together as I take questions and coach the readers to their own insights.

You go at your own pace! The companion course is yours to keep for life so you can go as fast or slow as you like. And you can go through the course as many times as you like for deeper insights.



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When will Just a Thought be available?

The book was released October 1st, 2021. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes
& Noble and most online book sellers. You can order the kindle version here or the paperback version here. If you’re outside the US, Just a Thought is available at most online bookstores around the world. The audiobook version was released on March 15th, 2022. It is available on most audiobook platforms. You can order it via Audible here.

Does it matter which version of the book I have?

No. You can read the paperback or eBook version, or listen to the audio version when it is released.

How long are the videos for each chapter?

The videos range from 4-14 minutes. There are over 4 hours of video content, plus 9 hours of recorded group calls.

Do I need to have read the book before I buy the companion course?

No! You can read the book as you go along the course. And it’s perfectly fine if you’ve already read the book too. Any way you do it is great!

Dr Amy Johnson

About Amy

Amy Johnson, PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower.

She is author of Being Human (2013), The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016), and Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with your Mind (2021). In 2017 she opened The Little School of Big Change, an online school that has helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety and habits and live a more peaceful life.

Johnson has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.