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Do You Care what Other People Think of You?

I traffic in fear. Much of my day involves hearing clients’ fears. The most popular? “Joe Schmoe won’t like me”. They’re worried about what so-and-so thinks of them, or they’re doing X—which they hate to do—because another person’s opinion matters so much. Worrying about approval from others is an epidemic. Maybe even a pandemic. People

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Ask and you shall Recieve

I went for a walk the other day, not feeling so great. I was filled with worry and self-judgment. Did some self-coaching that morning and it just wasn’t giving me the relief I was looking for. The worry was around getting pregnant again. Or more accurately, the fear of not getting pregnant again. The self-judgment

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Compare and Despair

To whom do you compare yourself?   Your neighbor? Your siblings? Who you were 10 years ago? The vision of who you thought you’d be today that you formulated 10 years ago? Who would you be today if you were unable to compare yourself with anyone else? Please don’t skip over this; it’s not a rhetorical

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