Food FREEDOM Formula™


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In this digital course, you will be guided and coached through the major obstacles and ‘thought blocks’ that keep you stuck in the restrict/binge/shame/guilt cycle that has become your struggle.

Certified Change Coach Maria Brigantino supports you through each common hurdle to see yourself and your experience in a new way. After coaching over 150 clients on this topic Coach Maria has identified the common mind-created rules that keep you stuck. Together we will challenge your thinking to see these habits as a new opportunity.

Imagine enjoying life again. In this course, you will be guided toward FREEDOM, peace of mind, and clarity.

The Food FREEDOM Formula™ is a revolutionary counterintuitive approach. You no longer need to work hard at doing things that simply don’t work.

In this program, you will learn to work less.

I’ll give you clarity into what’s REALLY going on with your struggles and help you shift your perspective around it.

You can say bye-bye to the restrict/binge/shame/guilt cycle!

This program is different from anything else you have tried because you DON’T need willpower or discipline to gain FREEDOM, and I’ll be with you in the course every step of the way!

You get over 7 hours of video content broken down into 39 bite-sized training lessons and downloadable worksheets to guide you along your Food FREEDOM Journey.