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How babies experience emotion and why you should act like a baby.

Have you ever watched a baby experience emotions? Babies can’t tell stories so their emotions are clean. They feel pure emotion without any narrative. For example, if you take away a baby’s favorite toy, they just feel sad. They feel, “I want the toy and it’s not here so I’m sad.” Period. They don’t feel,

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Sitting with Negative Emotion

I feel something quite a bit. I call it bored, although I know that’s not really it. Restless, maybe. But it feels worse than restless. Uncomfortable in my own skin. Like it’s dangerous or just really unpleasant to Be Me in that moment. It’s a restlessness that makes me want to move, be busy, disassociate,

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What a mess!

I have serious issues with clutter. I hate it; makes me feel icky. When I’m visiting someone who has a lot of stuff—and that stuff is out where I have to see it—I get claustrophobic and start looking for the door. I’m talking about physical stuff, like those old plastic cups that came from the gas

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