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You First.

No one wants to go first. We want someone else to go first to make it easier on us. But one of my coaches always reminds me: “You first”. You want them to think you’re awesome and then you’ll feel awesome. If they think you’re awesome first, it’ll be much easier for you to agree.But

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Projection. And Parenting.

Projection is fascinating, isn’t it? When I looked up the definition of projection I saw a lot of stuff related to television screens. So I’ll clarify—as if it’s necessary in this blog—that I mean psychological projection.You know, where you attribute your feelings or thoughts to someone else. You assume they think and feel the way

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Sitting with Negative Emotion

I feel something quite a bit. I call it bored, although I know that’s not really it.Restless, maybe. But it feels worse than restless. Uncomfortable in my own skin. Like it’s dangerous or just really unpleasant to Be Me in that moment.It’s a restlessness that makes me want to move, be busy, disassociate, numb. I

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