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Distinguish True Intuition from Ego-Mind-Chatter

It’s a common confusion. You feel an inner nudge. There’s a voice. But can you trust it? How do you know? Is it really the deep voice of intuition, or just the mind? The guidance of Truth…or ego? I’m often unsure, just like you. But I’ve been working on it for quite a while now,

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Compare and Despair

To whom do you compare yourself?   Your neighbor? Your siblings? Who you were 10 years ago? The vision of who you thought you’d be today that you formulated 10 years ago? Who would you be today if you were unable to compare yourself with anyone else? Please don’t skip over this; it’s not a rhetorical

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Why I Told the Truth

I experienced something really, really cool this weekend. How to release the pressure and watch your painful story disintegrate before your eyes. The way you “release the pressure” is to Tell the Truth. It was Saturday, my family and I had just returned home from a typical afternoon: took baby to one of the Chicago

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