Lucky You

I just saw an article about a man in Missouri who won the lottery…twice. Two separate lotteries, a few months apart. He says he’s lucky.Lucky You

Are you?

Where do you think luck comes from? Is it in your genes or based on your star sign or the result of karma? Do we play any part in the luck we experience?

Here’s what I believe: If you have luck, you created it. When good things happen “to” you, you get to take most of the credit.

I believe luck is a result of your mindset. When your mind is set to the good stuff, you feel good and you take good actions.

When you appreciate what you have, you get even more good stuff. And that looks like luck.

It starts with the mind. When you tend to your minds the way you’d weed your garden, protecting from crappy thoughts…the result is a life full of experiences and circumstances that look like luck.

But it’s not “dumb luck” at all.  It’s actually very smart.

I’ve been called lucky. One person in particular used to roll her eyes anytime something good happened to me.

Of course Amy’s getting paid to sail around the world”. “Of course was upgraded to first class. “She’s lucky; all the good things happen to her.”

As if someone came knocking on my door one day and offered me a paid trip around the world and all I had to do was bring the sunscreen.

As if I didn’t visualize having a wonderful, relaxing flight, or send love to all the people in the airport, or change my story from “things like that don’t happen to me” to “things like that always happen to me”, even when it didn’t feel true yet.

I created it and I’m taking credit for it. At least some of the credit, anyway.

Go create your own.

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