The problem with problem solving

The problem with problem solving is that most of our problems are figments of our imagination.

That doesn’t mean the conditions we label “problem” aren’t real, it just means that the label… “problem”… is only your personal take on those conditions.  

Here’s an example. If your friend is taking advantage of you, that may actually be happening in the physical world.

But the part of you that labels that a problem, and the part of you that experiences negative emotion when you think about it, is not out in the physical world. That part is subjective and personal.

Same thing if your marriage is ending, your dog is sick, you can’t get pregnant, it’s raining on your picnic…

Real in the world of form? Yes. A problem in the world of form?  No.

Of course you’re not wrong for experiencing these as problems. You’re never wrong to experience anything you experience. It’s just that knowing that the problem is only in your experience can seriously help.

So, I may totally be wrong about this, but I’m starting to think the best way to solve a problem is to start by realizing where the problem isn’t real.

I know it feels real and there is some real event in the outside world, but is the fact that it’s a problem real?

I’m not so sure, but look for yourself and see what you find. You just may discover that there’s nothing to solve.

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