The Perfect House (Which Rhymes with Spouse): A Poem by Sue Pettit

This poem was written by Sue Pettit and can be found in her beautiful littlehouse book of poetry called Coming Home. It is a perfect illustration of the simple truth that the only thing we’re ever experiencing is our own state of mind.


I’d been hunting for a house all day and nothing seemed quite right.

And then I happened on my dream house, much to my delight.

As I moved from room to room, I could feel this house my home.

And once I settled into it, I knew I’d never roam.

It had everything I wanted, and I smiled ’cause I could see

Special dreams that I had wished for would become reality.

It was in such good condition–not a thing I’d have to change.

Just move in and enjoy it. Peace and happiness would reign.


Three months later I sat looking at the room that I was in.

As I sat I started thinking, “Gee, the carpet’s worn and thin.

And the walls could use a coat of paint–cream, or maybe white,

That would make the room look larger and give it added light.”

There was not a thing I did not change as I sat there contemplating.

My dream house became a drab house needing much redecorating.

I no longer saw the things I had, just all the things I had to do.

Happiness is gone, I thought, ’til all the work is through.

After thirteen years I moved out, couldn’t take it anymore.

With all the constant work to do, the house was one big chore.

I cursed the house for changing–though it really was the same.

But through the years–I lost my dream and I thought it was to blame.


Looking back it all seems silly, can’t believe I didn’t see

That what made that house my dream house was a feeling inside of me.

When I listened to that feeling I just knew the house was right.

It was when I listened to my thoughts that the house became a fright.

So I went back to that same house dropping thoughts and expectations.

As I looked through love–I saw again my dream–a revelation.

So don’t give up on your dream house when it looks a little worn.

Just go back and find the feeling–deep inside–where dreams are born.




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