Acceptance is not the Consolation Prize

I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t want something about themselves to be a bit different.  acceptance is not the consolation prize

Whether it’s being a few inches taller, or being a little more focused or driven or relaxed, we can all point to something we’d change if we could. It’s only human.

It’s not a problem that we can all point to something. What hurts is when we point to that thing all the time.

What hurts is when we don’t let ourselves rest until our perceived weakness is improved upon.

We act as if we can’t be happy until we’re different, when the truth is that it’s near impossible to be happy when we’re constantly focused on being different.

Accepting life on life’s terms isn’t the consolation prize you settle for when you can’t get what you want. Acceptance is the prize itself.

There’s a peace that comes with acceptance. It’s similar to the peace you assume you’ll feel when you finally fix that thing about yourself.

Ironically, acceptance also makes way for change. When you stop staring at what you think is wrong, there is space. And in that space, new ideas, different perspectives, and fresh thinking show up. Things you couldn’t see before become obvious.

Acceptance means you’re less fixated on how you think life should be, and you become comfortable with how life actually is.

If every human on earth would like to be different in some way, we’re all in this together. Our own judgment is what we’re all up against.

I don’t know about you, but seeing that all 7 billion of us are in this together makes me want to set the dissatisfaction aside and just enjoy life.  

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