You Can Feel Things without Being Things

You can feel things, without being things.

You can feel sad, angry, lonely, disordered or unwell without being sad, angry, lonely, disordered or unwell. 

The truth is, you couldn’t be those things if you tried. What you are doesn’t change. What you are is the same one energy that is all things. The all-that-is-ness within which feelings arise and then fade.

When you think of yourself as “I’m depressed, nice to meet you”. Or “I’m anxious, how are you today?” Or “I have an eating disorder or I am a whatever-aholic”, you’re identifying with the moving, changing stuff passing through. You say that you are it, and so you experience being it.

Can you see what a huge impact that has on your current and future experiences? It’s ginormous.

As soon you decide that you are something, you identify with it.

And because you identify with it, you’re clingy. You attach to it. It looks like you or yours, so you innocently hold on.

Which means you keep it alive. Your focus fuels it. Because you mistakenly think it’s constant and significant, you expect it to stick around. You expect to see it again.

And so you do see it again. And that proves your point that this fleeting experience is you, so you dive head-first into being it even more.

You see where this is going.

The blank slate, fresh start, infinite potential that is our birthright is down the tubes because you think you already know what’s coming. Because you think you know who and what you are.

It’s a bit of a mess, really. We can all save ourselves a world of confusion and misunderstanding if we can just see this one thing: We can feel things, without being things.

Love is what you are. Everything else is just what you feel.


This article was originally published in May 2016.

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