Change You Didn’t Know You Wanted

I recently wrote the foreword to Jill Whalen’s new book, Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety.  surprise

Victim of Thought tells Jill’s story of finding freedom from something she didn’t know was a problem.

Which is kind of interesting, isn’t it? Finding peace and freedom that you didn’t know you didn’t have?

Once Jill began to gain a solid understanding of where her experiences in life were really coming from, her mind quieted down. That’s what a simple understanding does for us. We no longer have to wonder why we feel the way we do, or try to rearrange life’s circumstances in order to feel better.

We are free to simply be.

When our minds aren’t spinning in complexity and unnecessary tasks, they get quiet. When Jill’s mind got quiet, she felt different. Her newfound quiet showed her just how much of her life before that quiet was spent either in low level anxiety, or doing things to numb her low level anxiety.

We’ve all heard thing like “you have to want to change”, “you have to be ready for change”, “you have to be open to change”.

I’ve even said them (e.g., page 32 of The Little Book of Big Change).

But Jill found herself feeling more peaceful and less anxious. She found herself drinking a lot less. She found herself enjoying healthy eating and exercise.

Sometimes change looks like finding yourself changed, whether you knew you wanted it or not.

Sometimes it takes hindsight to realize that we wanted change.

Hmm. It seems that change is one more thing that’s even simpler than it looks….


If you’re interested in reading the foreword of Victim of Thought, you can see it here. I highly recommend the entire book.

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