A Challenging Conversation about Resilience, Change, and Freedom

I’ve been so excited to share this conversation with you.

I talked with Lee Davy a couple months ago. (He took a while to get the recording to me.)

And even mid-conversation I knew this would be a great one to share with all of you.

I think it’s because he really pushes me. He challenges me in a really honest way, which allows him to see a lot more and allows you to witness that. He’s a great interviewer because he isn’t “an interviewer”. He’s just a guy trying to see things more deeply himself, and that allows us to have a very honest and very human conversation about resilience, change, and freedom. 

Lee’s podcast is called The Alcohol and Addiction Podcast and we talk about addiction and anxiety. But we mostly talk about:

  • Why it feels so natural to pin our feelings on our surroundings and circumstances, and when and how we learn that.
  • How we flip from seeing that life impacts us to see that that’s actually impossible.
  • Whether we have any control over our own thoughts and where that control begins and ends.
  • The funny thing about shame in our habits and addictions.
  • What’s going on when it feels like we’re stuck in an experience and our thoughts aren’t changing.
  • What we know versus what we see.
  • How the design of life is massively in our favor and why 15-month-olds don’t worry.
  • How insights are different than learning and what that means for change.
  • Why we complicate things and why simplicity feels so foreign.
  • Seasonal affective disorder and how it is that the Bahamas isn’t a happier place than Whales.

Watch Lee look for things to do and learn as I try to repoint him toward his nature.  We cover so much ground. I really think you’re going to enjoy this one! Watch here. If you prefer audio only, you can listen here.

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