Time and time again, I’ve seen that when we set aside a few minutes to be quiet and fall out of our thinking, there is an incredible feeling waiting on the other side.

Without exception—in groups I’ve led and in those I’ve participated—when the room falls silent and our minds fall silent-er, at least a few people in every room will find themselves positively swimming in peace and joy.

I’m definitely not always the one swimming. But watching this unfold has changed my life in very subtle yet profound ways because I know without a shred of doubt that Home* is right there.

It’s right there. Right beneath the chatter. So close that if you’re looking outward at all, you’d look right past it.

Witnessing this fall into Home has made it such that it doesn’t matter so much what I’m feeling. All feelings are a thin veil over Home.

If I’m worried, frustrated, dissatisfied…it’s honestly okay. It’s not scary or predictive or meaningful, like it once was. It’s a veil.

If you’re not feeling the holiday spirit…who cares? Maybe there’s a veil of bah humbug at the moment. It doesn’t mean anything.

If you’re walking through life, telling yourself that you should be feeling some way other than how you feel…so what? That’s the veil of the moment too. And I promise you that just beneath that layer of psychology is everything you’re wishing for + infinity.

So here’s what you do. Steps!

Step 1—Know that you’re always already Home whether you feel it or not.

Step 2—Don’t worry about how you feel. The moment you stop pushing against the veil is the moment it changes.

*Home = Peace, freedom, joy, gratitude, God, connection, love, oneness, You. These, and any that come up for you, are all words for the same thing.

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