The Biggest Gift Under the Tree

You know what I find amazing?

There you are, walking around, living your life, almost never truly realizing just how wise and resilient and shiny and bright you really are.

It’s so easy to identify with the part of “you” that you see all the time.

It’s like when my kids see the biggest gift under the tree and say “I hope that one is mine!” It could be a giant box of broccoli, but they want it because the package is big and exciting and catches their attention.

Same with you.

What you think. How you feel. What you do. Who you think you are. Who you think you should be.

That stuff looks like “you”, but it’s not. You know what all that stuff really is?

It’s moving, changing, temporary, Thought-created experience. It’s not “real” in that it’s always shifting and dissolving and coming back in different form and fashion.

So who are “you”, beneath all those thoughts and labels and opinions and behaviors?

I can’t tell you that. That’s for you to explore and discover. But I can tell you that you’ll feel it when you look beyond the way your mind talks to you.

When you look beyond the way your mind narrates life, beyond what you think you know.

I can also tell you that it’s really, really good.

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