EP31: More Feeling Management = More Problems. Part 3 in the Feelings February Series with Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a coach in The Little School of Big Change who is now free of nearly two and a half decades of eating disorders and depression.

As she shares in this episode, her entire 23+ year eating disorder was one giant attempt to manage her feelings. The more we attempt to not feel, the more problems we create.

The more we resist, the more we innocently create new problems that look like they need to be managed. It’s one big, sticky web of judgment, effort, and fear.

As you listen, you’ll hear the joyful freedom we both feel now that we see there is nothing to manage for it. Listen for it. It’s not easy to miss.

You can see more about Amanda here, and check out her book Uncovery here.

And if you want Amanda to support you, join us in The Little School of Big Change beginning March 11th!

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