EP66: Releasing What Is In The Way with Hale Dwoskin

If you’ve listened to Changeable, you know that what’s ultimately behind deep, lasting change is insight. Glimpsing truth beyond the appearance of things.

Seeing something about who we are and how we work. Seeing it, sensing it, feeling it…not necessarily acting or “doing” our way there. The new paradigm looks far beyond our behaviors or any strategies or tools we might use.

My guest in this episode is Hale Dwoskin. Hale is the co-founder of Sedona Training Associates where they teach The Sedona Method, a method for releasing painful thought and emotion.

But painful thought and emotion releases itself, doesn’t it? Experience flows. Why would we need a method to release it?

I ask Hale this question in the episode, and I think you’ll enjoy our conversation around it. Overall, Hale and I see things very similarly, despite some surface level differences.

To learn more about Hale’s method and his free online event, go to: https://www.learningstrategies.com/ReleasingFestaj/home?aff=34269

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