EP73: What I Learned Sharing the New Paradigm with NHS

I recently had the opportunity to share the New Paradigm at the UK’s National Health Services (NHS).

In this episode, I’ll share how that opportunity came to be and what I learned from my time there. 

I’ll discuss: 

  • The massive (yet seemingly subtle) difference between knowing that all people are full of mental health right now versus that all people have the potential for health.
  • How we can only want what we view as possible. When people aren’t changing it’s because they can’t see that it’s possible, not because they don’t want change or aren’t trying hard enough.
  • How our minds can hear anything they want to hear (even in the face of what many of us would see as overwhelmingly disproving evidence!)
  • That we’re always doing the best we can see to do. Always. 

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