EP92: Holly’s Change Story: The End of Dieting and the Beginning of So Much More

Holly thought weight issues were encoded in her DNA. She was a person with food issues, period. There was no other possibility in her mind. She was born with food issues just like she was born with blue eyes. It was her cross to bear. 

Finding new ways to bear that cross was as good as it could get. From that way of seeing things, she tried every diet and control strategy there was, including weight loss surgery.

As Holly has been waking up to the fact that she is not a person with deep, fundamental weight problems, nothing much has changed but everything is different. Holly has lost some weight which of course, is nothing new for her. But what is different is that she’s not trying. She’s not on a diet. She has no grand plan. She’s not controlling everything, but she’s not acting on autopilot either. She’s living her life without food or weight loss at the center of it.

Holly writes a popular blog where she’s shared her weight loss journey for years. Now she’s sharing this understanding there from time to time and helping others. Enjoy this episode with Holly!

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