EP94: Grief and Death with Giles Croft

Giles’ mum died last month…just a couple weeks before this conversation was recorded. A few days after our conversation, Giles and his sister held an online funeral for his mum in the midst of the lockdown.  

His experience of grief has been amazing to watch.

Giles’ experience of his mother’s death has been night and day different from when his dad died many years ago.

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. We have a beautiful, respectful but lighthearted look at grief, and talk about:

  • How it’s ok to feel everything
  • Expectations around death and grieving
  • “Popping straight into gratitude”
  • What is this thing we call “grief” anyway?
  • How to spot whether you’re in denial
  • Grieving for careers, businesses & ways of life
  • How a human life is like a wave
  • How awesome emotions are at guiding us
  • Death as a catalyst
  • The pandemic viewed from a different perspective

I know you’ll love this very honest conversation. I plan on having Giles back in a few months to make sure his experience of grief last month wasn’t just denial 🙂

Giles is a medical doctor in the UK who now shares this New Paradigm in groups and courses. You can see more about him here: https://gilespcroft.com

Here’s a link to the documentary we discussed, The Secret Life of Waves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpzqR3pb2z0


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