EP132: The Impersonal Nature of Thought Part 1

This is one of my favorite topics. It’s something that has become increasingly clear and obvious in the past several years.

Experience isn’t about us.

What you experience–what your mind labels a thought, feeling, sensation, behavior, preference, aversion, any of it–has nothing to do with you. It is simply life arising. 

What’s also become increasingly clear and obvious over the past several years is that when we think experience is about us, we suffer. And when we see that it’s not, we suffer far less. 

In this Part 1, I talk about “that’s just what minds do” as one of the highest leveraged things we can come to see. I also read the Preface of my upcoming book that speaks to this impersonal experience of thought. 

In Part 2, we’ll look at some examples of how life looks when experience looks personal, and how life can look when it doesn’t. 


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