EP140: Shane’s Change Story: How 20 Years of PTSD Revealed his True Identity

Shane is a former law enforcement agent who began experiencing PTSD symptoms 20 years ago, after an event on the job.

For years, he was in therapy that had him relive the traumatic event over and over again. It was horribly painful, but the memories did lose a lot of their power after he replayed them so many times, so he felt it was a success. 

More recently, Shane was in another period of anxiety and depression when he came across someone who shared the New Paradigm with him.

His world exploded open. 

Shane now sees how many identities his mind tried to create over the past 20 years to manage his mental health and keep him safe. He sees now that those identities were all made up by his mind. He’s so much more than any of those identities.

Now, instead of Shane’s world becoming smaller so that he could manage it, it’s huge. Limits and identities don’t make sense. He knows the worst that can happen is a feeling, and he’s no longer afraid of thoughts and feelings in the way he once was. 

I love Shane’s Change Story. If you’d like to learn more about Shane and what he does now, you can find him at www.shadesofbroken.com 


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