EP162: Ending the Drinking Habit

In this episode, I share some of the most helpful themes that came up in the 4-week overdrinking workshop I recently led.

Questions like: Isn’t alcohol different from other habits because it is a drug that involves physical addiction? (If we were trying to manage experience, this would probably make a big difference. But we’re not managing anything).

I share our discussions around the tug-of-war feeling that is part of many habits, including overdrinking, and how we can rise above that (rather than pulling harder on the “right” side of the rope).

I discuss how not wanting to feel emotions is the real issue, and how there is no spiritual bypassing of feelings that I’ve ever seen work. I talk about generalizing, and how seeing our mind’s propensity to generalize is the way into feeling anything that shows up.

And I’ll share some of the discussion I had with the group around conditioning and how we are all taught to believe that alcohol has magical powers that it simply doesn’t have. Not that we don’t experience things when we drink, but those experiences aren’t coming from the alcohol. 

If you would like to drink less than you currently do, or if you’re struggling with any habit at all, this discussion will be very helpful. Enjoy!


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