EP163: Minds Worry

All minds do the same things. The details and content may vary slightly, but the tricks a mind gets up to are universal. Minds worry

The next five episodes of Changeable will feature 5 of these things all minds do, based on five chapters in my upcoming book: minds worry, minds compare, minds problem solve, minds think we’re not good enough, and minds dramatize.  

This is important to see because when we don’t realize that all minds do these things, we take it personally. We get lost in the story, not realizing it’s a story. We try to change what our mind is doing, making it far worse. 

When we do realize “that’s just what minds do”, we’re free to glimpse what’s beyond these stories and mind games.

In this week’s episode, we look at how all minds worry. It’s a function of their design. It’s evolutionary. It’s logical. And it’s something we’re no longer so affected by when we see it for the universal process it is. 


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