EP186: Listener: “I’m a Prisoner to my Thoughts and Beliefs”

If you listened to EP181, you heard me speaking to some questions sent by Alice. In today’s episode, I share a portion of a conversation I had with Alice after she heard EP181.

Alice says she feels like a prisoner to thoughts and beliefs she couldn’t change. She said that although it sounded nice to consider that maybe her bigger nature is something beyond thought and belief, that was not part of her experience and as such, it didn’t really help her at all.

So, we talk about that. I try to help Alice see that there is more to life than nicer thoughts and beliefs, while being very aware that that doesn’t look like a reality to her. 

I love Alice’s honesty and openness. What you’ll hear here is just 25 minutes or so of our 60+ minute conversation, but I think it will be very helpful for others to hear how Alice opens to these ideas that feel like a pipe dream to her. 

If you haven’t heard EP181, you might listen to that one before, or even after, this one. 


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