EP211: Other people don’t have opinions. Only you do. 

Do other people’s opinions bring you down? You’re doing great, but their opinions threaten that.

Do other people trigger you? You don’t agree with what they say at all, but you can’t help but feel triggered by their words. 

Guess what? Other people only exist as thought showing up within you. If “they” aren’t in your consciousness, you don’t experience them.

Same for their opinions, of course. 

We don’t feel other people’s opinions unless those opinions carry weight with us. And what carries weight with us isn’t so personal either. It’s just how thought is arising. 

As always, it’s much simpler than these multi-dimensional projections imply.


The Little School of Big Change turned 5 years old this summer!  So much change has happened in 5 years:

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  • The Little Book of Big Change, Just a Thought, and Being Human have been translated into 5 languages. 
  • Over 100,000 people have been introduced to the no-willpower approach shared in LSBC.

There are two ways you can celebrate the 5 year anniversary with us. 

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These are excellent introductions to LSBC and what it does for people for those of you who have not yet been part of the no-willpower movement. 

Simply head over to https://dramyjohnson.com/5years to register for the free class and begin going through the school curriculum today.

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