EP240: From a Small Life with Health Anxiety to Hiking the Grand Canyon with Crystal Saltrelli 

In this episode, Crystal shares her experience hiking all the way down…and then all the way back up…the Grand Canyon.

This is an amazing feat for anyone, but it’s especially huge for Crystal. Crystal struggled with health anxiety in various forms for many years.


Being frequently worried about what might go wrong with her physically, Crystal didn’t travel for many years. When she began traveling again a few years ago, it was only with certain precautions and perceived safety nets in place (e.

g., only with certain people and if there was easy access to hospitals). 

There’s no way she could ever imagine herself doing consecutive days of strenuous physical activity with no hospitals or doctors nearby. Yet, following a strong nudge that showed up last spring and carried her through, that’s exactly what she did.

Crystal’s change story shows how life lives us in ways our mind can’t imagine. As she shares in this conversation, nothing is not possible.



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