EP305: An Unfun Game

In this episode, I share a way of looking at our true, nondual nature and the dualistic experience we appear to be living in much of the time. 

None of this is new, but this particular way of looking at this was inspired by David Bingham. David’s pointings are based on the Koshas, an Indian yogic philosophy. 

There is a simplicity and practicality in this way of seeing things that I deeply appreciate. Duality is a game we opt into around that age of 2 or 3. Even while we play that game, we remain effortless, nondual awareness. 

David’s teachings look at how we remain effortless awareness no matter what, and we simply accept – or can decline–the frequent invitations into dualism that come our way. When we decline these invitations, those energy systems are weakened and we recognize ourselves as effortless awareness more. 

If you enjoy this way of seeing our true nature and the game of duality, check out this video where David explains this himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGq8aJnL344


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