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Why Things get Worse Before They get Better

When you’re embarking on growth or change, there’s a massive force holding you back. I’m not talking about the ruts in your brain that encourage you to go along with old habits, although those are forces, too. Our brain becomes programmed in certain ways and it takes some momentum to push through those ruts in

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Releasing it? Or Avoiding it?

My client Patty says she’s afraid of conflict.She often runs away and avoids speaking up in the hopes that her problems go away on their own. She doesn’t call it running away though. She calls it turning the other cheek. She tells me she’s being Enlightened.I correct her. Don’t lie to yourself, Patty. It’s running.

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Sitting with Negative Emotion

I feel something quite a bit. I call it bored, although I know that’s not really it.Restless, maybe. But it feels worse than restless. Uncomfortable in my own skin. Like it’s dangerous or just really unpleasant to Be Me in that moment.It’s a restlessness that makes me want to move, be busy, disassociate, numb. I

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