Fight for Your Right to Party. Not to Worry.

I get this question all the time when I’m helping people with chronic, habitual fear and worry. Fight for Your Right to Party

“But isn’t worry helpful, to some extent?” they ask, fighting for their right to worry. “Isn’t it protective?

From what do you think you need protection? The fear that your mind made up to begin with?

Yes, that’s it exactly. You’re worrying to protect yourself from a threat does not exist.

You are safe.

You are protected now, because there’s no “real” danger in your path.

Most likely, the dangerous eventual outcome you’re running from is a figment of your imagination. It’s a byproduct of you being so damn smart and so damn creative and caring about your survival so much.

Your mind is the source of the (false) fear to begin with. To justify its actions, it throws a bunch of energy into protecting you from those fake threats.

Get it?

Stop the cycle.

Know that you’re totally safe now. If it doesn’t feel like true knowing, pretend.

And from that place of safety, go one better.

Think about it this way: you wouldn’t put “Breathe air” on your to do list, would you? Stop putting “Protect self” there.

When you take “breathe air” off your list, you make room for bigger, more creative, more fun things. When you understand that you’re safe and the threats to your wellbeing are false, you make room for better concerns.

Concerns like red or white. Or what you want to wear to the party this weekend. Or how you want to spend your year or how you want to spend your life. Fun stuff like that.

What I’m saying is knowing you’re safe saves a lot of time and energy that you get to use however you choose.

And when you start using your energy the way you choose, your mind has less time to construct false threats for you to protect yourself against.

Party time.

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