Yes, you can change the past.

I know for sure that the past can change.

Your experience of life—past, present, future—comes from what you are thinking in any given moment.

In the world of form…where things are solid and objective events go down in the books, I suppose the past is not easily changed.

But in the world of experience (which, let’s face it, is the world that impacts your life), the past is never the past. The only thing that is, is what you are thinking about in any given moment.

What you are living is only what you’re batting around in your head right this very instant.

Memories are thoughts about the past we bring into our minds today. Memories are current thoughts.

So, do you see how the past can change? It changes depending on how you are currently thinking about it.

When your thoughts about your past change, your past changes. Because your experience = your thoughts. Your experience does not = what happened.

It’s what happens when you spend years thinking your mother-in-law hates you, only to one day find out she secretly admire the hell out of you but is too insecure to show it.

It’s what happens when you spend your whole life believing your college love cheated on you (and you make that mean you aren’t enough), and then 20 years later you find out he didn’t. Poof, the past is radically different.

It’s what happens when you grow up thinking you are not smart because Mrs. Smith said you’d never amount to anything in 5th grade, only to find out she was actually talking to the kid behind you.

It’s what happens when you forgive yourself or someone else. Although the world of form doesn’t budge, your experience of it transforms completely.

Is there something from your past you’d like to change?  Notice your thinking about it.

Is there another version of that story?

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