Life with no memory

I heard a story about a guy who had no long-term memory and very little short-term memory.

He kept a journal. By the time he wrote in his journal each night, he had pretty much forgotten everything that had happened that day. He was living in a perpetual state of present moment awareness.

As it turns out, his journal entry was the exact same, night after night.

“Life is beautiful. It’s wonderful to be alive.”

Is that what you thought it would say?

When we aren’t dragging old thoughts into our current awareness, there is space. That space is pure peace.  In that space is wisdom and oneness and all that is. The same wisdom and oneness and All-That-Is that created us all.

Memories are current thoughts about something that no longer exists in the physical world.

I certainly wouldn’t want amnesia and I’m definitely not wishing it upon you. The ability to store thoughts and bring them into the Now is an incredible gift.

But maybe the lesson we can learn from individuals who are forced to live in a perpetual state of Now is that the present is pretty damn good.  When there’s nothing to compare it to, judge it against, wish to improve…bliss is the default.

Good to know.

You might be interested in this short video of Clive Wearing. Notice how he greets his wife each time he sees her. It’s a beautiful living example of connection and oneness untouched by thought.


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