Healthy Suspicion

“Thought creates the world and then says, ‘I didn’t do it’” –David Bohm  

Your experience of the world is created by your thinking. Everything you see “out there” is not preexisting “out there” as you’ll experience it, just waiting for your gaze to meet it. You’re projecting it “out there” as it occurs within you.

Because all of that thought within you, which shapes your view of reality, is not always inner wisdom—it’s part mental habit, part subjective theory, part tainted by what your great Aunt Betty told you about life, and sometimes even part downright lies—it’s a smart idea to not take it all at face value.

When it comes to being curious–suspicious, even—about your thinking, it makes sense to be especially suspicious of the thinking that causes you pain, doesn’t it?

If your always-there-never-changing true nature is peace and well-being, wouldn’t it make sense to be extra suspicious of what seems to remove you from that? Question most seriously the stuff that’s not aligned?  

So imagine my surprise to notice that people are quite reluctant to take their good-feeling thinking as truth. They get suspicious when they feel good. And imagine my surprise to see that they tend to actually trust their painful thinking more than their pleasant thinking, as if it’s somehow more valid because it hurts.

Why? The old, too-good-to-be-true story is often to blame: “This great stuff can’t last. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

The bad-feels-meaningful-or-familiar story is another likely culprit: “If I could snap out of it, I obviously would” (translation: It’s not possible to snap out of a feeling this horrible).

The thinking that makes you feel awful feels more significant, familiar, and perhaps safer—when you’re down, you don’t have as far to fall.

Whatever the reason, it’s so very backward. Thinking that is aligned with your true, innate wellness has to be more trustworthy than thinking that isn’t, dontcha think?

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