How to Hear What Someone is Really Trying to Say

My son Miller—now 3 years old—learned to climb out of his crib at a ridiculously young age. How to Hear What Someone is really trying to Say

Thanks to the magical technology of the video monitor, we’d watch our 16 month old baby put one chubby foot up on the side bars, pull himself up with freakishly strong baby biceps, and hoist himself onto the top railing. Straddling the railing, he’d peek waaayy over the edge to the floor that was far below him with not a bit of apparent fear, while my husband and I bolted upstairs to catch him before he lost his balance.

Needless to say, Miller ended up in a ‘big boy bed’ far before most children.

Also as you might imagine, our little daredevil was not a fan of staying in his bed. As soon as he realized he was free to come and go as he pleased, he did just that. All. Night. Long.

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