Dysfunctional Family Bingo: A Conversation about Expectations, Compassion, and Family

In honor of US Thanksgiving next week and upcoming holidays worldwide, I’m excited to (re)-share the game of Dysfunctional Family Bingo with you. I first learned about DFB from Martha Beck (who heard about it somewhere herself) almost 10 years ago and I’ve shared it many, many times around the holidays.

The reason I keep sharing is that people LOVE this game.

Even if you don’t play it (but definitely play it if you have a family member or two to play with), just the concept is extremely helpful. You’re calling out your family “dysfunctions”–we all have them–and seeing them in a new light.

Please check out the conversation I had two years ago with Lian Brook-Tyler about the game. Our conversation about DFB spilled into where true peace comes from, holidays or any day.

(If you have a Wall Street Journal subscription, you might also like the Dysfunctional Family Bingo article that was featured there a few years ago. This is the one that led to Kathy Lee and Hoda mentioning me on the Today Show. My 2 seconds of fame!)

Happy Holiday season to you! xx

family bingo

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