When You Don’t Fear Your Feelings, Everything Falls into Place

What if you absolutely knew like you knew your name that feelings don’t require fixes or solutions?

What if you knew with absolute certainty that all feeling passes naturally and effortlessly like weather passes through the sky?

How do you suppose your day to day experience would be different? There would be zero attempts at changing how you feel. Why would you? They’ll change on their own easier and more naturally than you can make happen.

There would be no fear of how you feel. Can you imagine?

How do you suppose you’d react to loneliness? Rage? Anticipation?

What if you knew that you were just like the clear blue sky? No matter how much weather passes through the sky, the sky isn’t affected. No matter how much human weather you experience, the clear and peaceful you (the real you) isn’t affected.

You feel what’s there while it’s there. Then it leaves and you’re back to you.

Letting your human weather pass naturally equals mental and emotional freedom. It leaves you with a lot more energy and a lot more time on your hands.

It’s a truth worth seeing. Please join us in The Little School of Big Change in June to learn more.

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