If it’s Taking Too Long to Change, This Might be Why (Part 1)

If you’ve been looking toward the understanding I share for a while and you’re feeling the same as (or even worse than) usual…

If who-you-really-are and your “issues” in life look as real and fixed in place as they always have…

There are two questions I hope you’ll consider.

The first is this: How much am I putting me in the equation?

How much are you trying to see this understanding as it relates to you? Are you bringing a what-does-this-mean-for-me lens to it?

Do you notice your mind taking what you’re hearing about your innate health, the illusory nature of thought, that you’re already habit-free, that all human experience is the same one energy…and trying to mold it into a solution to your “problem”?

Are you and the thing you want to change on your mind much?

Because that gets in the way. It’s normal and human. But it’s not necessary or helpful.

Don’t get me wrong—health and resilience are so much your nature that they will find a way to break through the me, me, me in your head. People change despite this, don’t worry.

But I’m just saying…if you’re feeling like you’d like to see more, or that you might be missing something, or if you’re wondering if it’s “working for you”…try taking you out of the picture.

Get curious about how life works across the board for all humans, not the specific way life is temporarily showing up for you.

We’re all exactly the same. Marvel at that…isn’t it fascinating that we are all the exact same beneath the temporary, current moment flavor that life is taking?

There is one design, one blueprint, one operating manual. Our knobs and levers might be different. What the system spits out might be different. But there is a consistent and predictable set of Principles that describe how we work that applies to all humans, no exceptions.

That will blow your mind if you let it.

Ironically, you are most impacted when you set you aside and look at what’s far bigger and truer than the individual experience your individual identity is having.

Here’s why: You are whole, perfect, and problem-free already. The only obstacle to seeing that in any given moment is thought that looks real.

Overthinking. Or, thinking-over the truth.

The thinking that comes in after the-way-life-works-for-all-people is often along the lines of “okay, now what does this mean in my life, for me and my problems?”

When people on The Little School of Big Change forum start to go there, we say “Shhh.” Or, “Full stop”. Or “Period”.

We point to how it works for all people, they (naturally, innocently) wonder “what about my life?” and we say “Shhh. Don’t think-over the essence.” Don’t overthink it. Because the impact is in the Principle of it, not the personal application our mind does after the fact.

Come back next week for the second question you might ask yourself if you’re not changing as quickly as you’d like. I’ll see you in Part 2.

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